English As A Foreign Language

Angol Nyelvtábor Kizárólag Haladóknak Online

A B.E.S Akadémia keretein belül, tini és fiatalokorú érdeklődőink angol nyelven folytatott online iskolai oktatásban vehetnek részt. Ezáltal nem az unalmas és sokszor feszélyező szabályoknak próbálnak megfelelni hanem hirtelen felhasznalóként és aktivan tudják a nyelvtudásukat megélni és fejleszteni.

Remek egyetemi előkészitő gyanánt is. Élő, akár anyanyelvi segitség adott.

Szeretettel várjuk felkeresését magyar nyelven is WhatsApp számunkon vagy imélen keresztül.

Efl Bootcamps For Teens

At B.E.S Academy, we offer English Summer Camp for teenagers. This is not suitable for beginners (although just like watching TV in English – it would be still beneficial).

Instead of the booooring grammar and embarrassing role play scenarios your child will participate in regular secondary school lessons as maths, biology, history taught in English according to their age groups or choice of age groups ( which,obviously slightly influences the level of academic intensity).

EFL scholars enjoy live language support (available in Hungarian, German, French and Spanish) during these sessions to optimise the experience and enable them to follow the lessons accordingly.

Learning something in a foreign language is the best way to increase vocabulary and gain confidence. It is more fun because the emphasis is suddenly not on the seemingly ‘useless’ grammar rules but the subject of interest.

This is also extremely beneficial to scholars who are preparing for University or studying in English in the nearest future.

Above includes 25 hours academic and 10 hours of social engagement via virtual classrooms. Moderate offline engagement in form of assignments and weekly performance related reports (in the language of their choice, see above list) are sent to parents so you can follow progress and attendance. This is very popular and unlike any other language courses out there.

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