Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have a team of professionals trained up to international standards and coordinated by experienced school administrators. We are combining the British curriculum with the strengths of the Nigerian curricula (e.g. maths), adding the local context as well asa hint of a global mindset. The perfect combination to prepare this generation of children for the vast changing and competitive world awaiting them. But that is not all. With the experience of years, we are providing you with the perfect balance of a truly holistic engagement.
  • Your child is provided the same safe virtual classroom environment which is used by the Nigerian Army – 25 hours of weekly academic and additional 10 social and extracurricular activity hours online.
  • Scholars receive light offline engagement in forms of reading, research, quizzes andpractical’s, which are used to make scholars take interest and responsibility for their own progress.
  • Parents receive weekly performance related reports which includes attendance and other vital feedbacks.
  • By the time children reach upper primary or junior secondary age, self-control and understanding of the world and consequences of actions should be more or less stable and established. It is a developmental stage where children can be observed to behave better outside of the home environment as they usually let down their guards and feel free at home. However, certain rules of respect and self-respect are always expected to be followed and aggression or keeping to themselves too much can be cause for worry. Every family and most adolescents have one issue or the other and brushing things under the carpet is not always the best way forward. If you are concerns about your child’s behaviour feel free to seek confidential advice from our trained team of counsellors to assist you straighten out things on time or address whatever issues (Talk to Ms Suzan or Simply send us an anonymous email to
  • In terms of enforcing discipline in our online school? Our own is very easy!
    1. Keeping scholars interested and involved is key to what we do
    2. Stating the classroom rules and making scholars agree to them daily
    3. Mute button – that is a powerful one !! (lol honestly)
    4. Sending weekly reports to parent
    5. Removing scholar’s access privileges to take part of extra-curricular activities and socials for lack of academic performance or offline engagement

Art and Design; Biology; Business Studies; Chemistry; Citizenship; Computing/IT; Design, Engineering and Technology; English; Expressive Arts; French; Geography; Global Perspectives; Htory; Home Economics; Law; Leadership; Literature; Mathematics; Music (Composition & Musicianship); Personal, Social and Health Education; Physics; Spanish

  • Life is simple. So should school be! What you see is what you get – 35 hours of holistic online engagement hosted in virtual classrooms by a well-coordinated and established team of professionals.
  • Circumstances can change and we are confident in our services so we donot wish to hook our customers. We can remain on a weekly pay as you go. Refunds available. If you are happy – we are happy!
  • Once payment was made via our secured website and safe payment tool, you will be sent a welcome pack. This will include the following: Summary of the terms of our services you obtained and Weekly Timetable for your child’s year group.
  • We do recommend you the additional purchase of a Baseline Test. This is to reassure or enlighten you of your child’s current core subject knowledge and also provides us with a clear picture how to engage and help your child progress best.
  • At the end of each week you will receive a performance related report which contains overall attitude to learning, submitted work, preparation for class, punctuality and attendance.
  • An age appropriate mathematics and English test paper which are part of the British Curriculum. The test takes approximately one hour and a half each to complete. These meant to reassure or enlighten you of your child’s current core subject knowledge and also provides us with a clear picture how to engage and help your child progress best.
  • The baseline tests (English and Maths) cost NGN 5,000 each which includes the administrative cost and consultation of experts with the results at hand.
  • The purchase option is offered during checkout. Due to the online nature of school we need parents to conduct the test by providing your child with suitable environment having access to pen, pencil and a calculator only. You will need to return the completed tests for marking after which a one-on-one online session with subject teachers will be arranged to go through the results and discuss a so called IEP (Individual Educational Plan).
  • They say – ‘Not to plan is to plan to fail’. Have you heard this expression before? Well, we appreciate that children are unique with their own unique pace and different speed to progress. This knowledge helps us to support them accordingly and without making them feel inadequate.
  • It is also important to mention that our scholars come from a wide variety of schools and backgrounds. Regrettably, yet often enough, schools not only fail individuals due to large classes or by focusing on teaching instead of learning. Either way, the institution often hides the correct picture of your child’s performance. We therefore feel obliged to do the decent thing and give you that reality check which allows us to get a common ground to start our work from.
  • We can only do our best. In some cases – where knowledge gaps are major – we would recommend private tutoring and extra work to address the given challenge accordingly. We are here to assist you and committed to look out for our scholar’s overall best interest.
  • Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest. My name is Ms Suzan. I am your customer contact and admin and have an amaaaaazing team!
  • Unfortunately, our team members are a bit shy… But don’t worry, you can certainly view their names, profile information and pictures when you become a customer.
  • On a serious note, we do appreciate that you are giving us tremendous trust looking after your children. We thank you for the confidence in advance as we are certainly here to safe guard and impact our scholars accordingly!
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