Primary School Substitute

B.E.S Academy currently starts at Year 5 which means from as young as 10 years of age. Our qualified and experienced primary school teachers focus on developing young learners who are inquisitive, vivacious and hungry for knowledge.

Promotion or not, as parent you want to make sure that by the time your Juniors move on to secondary school, they are fully prepared. MIND THE GAP! It’s a pity to hear year 11 scholars telling us that they have just realized still having some primary school knowledge gaps. Primary is the foundation in their education and must be thorough and holistic accordingly.

This is the era of global citizenship. We see this in every aspect of life from education to business, economic impact and the change of ethnical make-up of society etc. the list is endless. Bottom line is that nationality and borders are no longer limitations. We therefore want our children to become competitive members of this vast changing global economy.
We at B.E.S. are aiming for the best support for our scholars both for this academic session and for their future endeavours.

We are following the British and Nigerian Curriculum and also offer daily extra-curricular activities. Within the first week we conduct a baseline test which is used to guide you on your child’s strengths and development areas.

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