Private Home Tutor

Home tutoring is an effective way of supporting learners. This is because all learners have their unique pace and style of obtaining knowledge. There are different ways of achieving that same ‘light bulb moment’. It is our joy to find the way suiting our scholars. With well trained, exposed and articulate young teachers – this works well in a group setting. We focus on learning and encourage questioning, researching and taking responsibility for their progress. However sometimes scholars arrive in our care with existing gaps of knowledge or find one particular concept more challenging. This is when we recommend one-on-one tutoring to ensure the concept in question is grasped thoroughly, self-confidence is restored and the scholar can competently join their peers and continue to build the blocks of subject knowledge.

We do recommend you the additional purchase of a Baseline Test. This is to reassure or enlighten you of your child’s current core subject knowledge and also provides us with a clear picture how to engage and help your child progress best. At the end of each week you will receive a performance related report which contains overall attitude to learning, submitted work, preparation for class, punctuality and attendance.

We take pride in our services. Therefore ready to take full responsibility for our highly trained teachers and trusted team members. After payment you can view their names, profile information and pictures. Unless your child has a preference, we will also send you a form to find out your needs and preferences.
We do appreciate that you are giving us tremendous trust spending time with your children. We thank you for the confidence in advance as we continue to safeguard and impact our scholars accordingly!

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