We are here to talk to you should you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour, habits or learning difficulties. Every child is unique. We have experienced specialists to make assessments on your child’s behaviour or learning related challenges and advise you on this further.

Learning difficulties are getting increasingly common in our society. ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia are easily detected. Thankfully science is advanced enough to help most conditions dramatically with behavioural-, speech therapy or medication.

We naturally want our children to have a fulfilling and independent life. We are here to encourage you to follow your instinct of seeking help if you feel something isn’t right.

You are not alone and the support network of professionals are here to guide you. The sooner you get the support you need the better!

Meet our
Head of Department

Mr Salau Rasheed  – a trusted Special Education Needs Educator with over  decade of work experience. Mr Rasheed worked with us for the past two years. He trained in South Africa and has been advocating for ‘Inclusive Education’.

He established Special Educational Needs Departments in several schools to date.

We don’t have all the answers and solutions, but you can expect 100% honesty, transparency working with us.

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